New website tutorial

Welcome to the new We redesigned our site to make buying from us much easier. Below you will find a detailed description on each part of the new site and how it makes buying from Gilmer Wood Company a more pleasant experience.  


What is new?

 To start, here's a list of how our new site is different from our old one: 

  • You can now search the site!
  • New items are in chronological order, newest first.
  • You can browse each category by our most popular speices.
  • Items can be purchased directly through the website. 
  • Instant marking of solds, no more wondering if items are still available. 

How to navigate the site

  • Search 
  • Using our search feature is simple and powerful. It is located at the top of every page on our site and lets you access only the items of our inventory that you want. You can search by item number, species name and item type, such as guitar finger boards or pen blanks. Entering any of these search terms will bring up a custom page where you will be able to view the items which matched your criteria. There will be 10 items per page of search results, so if you don't find an item that fits your needs on the first page, continue looking through the subsequent pages.


  • Top navigation
  • The top navigation on our site has changed significantly. While it is still based on the categories into which our items are sorted, we have made it more streamlined and simplified. In the home category, you'll be able to access information about our business and the wood we sell. You can also find information about how to better use our website and how we can better help you choose the wood that will be best for you project.

    In our new items category, you will find the newest items posted on our site. No more searching through multiple pages to find the new updates. The newest item on our site will always the first thing on the new items page, with older items being below that and on the subsequent pages. The other buttons on the top navigation link to the other categories the items on our site are divided into.

    You will also notice that when you click on the top buttons, the secondary navigation bar underneathe will change as well. On this bar, you will find the 'By Species' button, which will open a menu where you can select from some of our more popular species. Selecting a species will bring up all the items in that category which match that species. Also on this secondary bar, you will find quick links to items within the category. 


  • Left menu
  • On our left menu, you can access information about our business and our products. This menu remains in place throughout the site, so you always have access to it. 


Purchasing Items


  • Adding items to your cart

  • When you find an item on our site that you wish to purchase, press the green 'add to cart' button next to the item. Doing so will take you to the shopping cart. Once there, you can either continue shopping or preceed to check out and complete your purchase. 


  • Checkout

  • Once you have the all the items you wish to purchase in your shopping cart, click the 'checkout' button, fill in your information, and complete your order. 
  • If you're a frequent customer (or plan to be), check the box that is marked by the red arrow in the image above before clicking the checkout button. This will bring you to our account creation page. Once there, you can fill in your address information and store it for future use. Note that this will not store your credit card information, just your address. 


If you have any questions about the website that weren't answered by reading this tutorial, please don't hesitate to contact us. Go to this page for phone numbers or email us through our feedback page