Bowl Blank Assortment

The species included in this assortment and shown left to right in the photograph are African Padouk, Black Limba, Ribbon Striped Sapele, Black Walnut (usually with some figure), and Camphor Burl.

Padouk - Another W. African wood with striking brick red color.

Black Limba - From West & Central Africa. Easy to turn.

Sapele - A fairly dense african wood with a ribbon-stripe figure on the quartersawn grain.

California Black/Claro Walnut - A beautiful west coast walnut, often with curly or burly figure.

Camphor Burl - This Indonesian species is easy to turn and has a very aromatic scent.

The pieces shown in this photograph are representative of the pieces you will receive.

Item Number: OS82

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ea. pc. 2 1/4-3 x 5-6 x 5-6"