Thuya Burl

Tetraclinis articulata

This comes from the Atlas mountains in Morocco and has a beautiful golden chatoyance. Its color varies from a rich, lustrous golden brown to nearly black. Thuya burl is hard and dense with a high oil content, but tends to be brittle. The eyes, perfectly round, are scattered about in some burls like the figure in bird's-eye maple; in others they are grouped as islands. Due to it's desert occurrence, the wood sometimes contains small defects or inclusions but most can be repaired with cyanoacrylate (super) glues. A rare species, this exquisite wood is used for inlays, small boxes, turnery, and precious objects.

Item Number: W38336

A 1 5/8 x up to 6 x up to 9 1/4"
B 1 11/16-1 13/16 x up to 5 x up to 7 3/4"
Sold 78415cc43c7a69982a1814f365e95d5a45f14ac67e0a9295ae06c33f7249e6bb
C 1 5/8-1 3/4 x up to 5 5/8 x up to 8"
Sold 78415cc43c7a69982a1814f365e95d5a45f14ac67e0a9295ae06c33f7249e6bb
D 1 5/8-1 3/4 x up to 7 1/4 x up to 9 1/2"