European Pearwood

Pyrus communis

Almost all Pearwood imported into the U.S.A. has been steamed to bring out a more pinkish-red color and to prevent drying stresses. Formerly the wood was used for carving, turning, drawing instruments, wood engravings, textile printing blocks, and tool handles. Stained black it is an excellent substitute for Ebony. Contemporary uses include woodwinds such as recorders, furniture, kitchen accessories, jewelry and other boxes, and architectural uses such as paneling and doors.

If you want these boards at the full length, please be aware that UPS charges about $18.00 extra for anything over 48 inches long. If you would like to buy one of these boards and have it cut to avoid this charge, please leave a note at checkout or give us a call.

Item Number: W38621

A 1 x 13 1/2-14 1/2 x 66"
B 1 x 14 1/4-14 1/2 x 65 1/2"
C 1 x 14-14 5/8 x 65 1/2"