West African Ebony Bargain Box

Diospyros crassiflora

Sometimes called Gabon or Gaboon, this Ebony is sometimes jet black but oftentimes has grayish streaks that mostly disappear when finished or after the made object has been put into service. This Ebony has a marked resistance to checking that is characteristic of some of the Indian and Asian species. It has a wonderful texture and is easily carved, planed, turned, and milled. It is fairly fine-grained and takes a high polish. This Ebony usually originates in either Cameroon or Nigeria and the logs are rough hewn in the forest and oftentimes brought to the nearest road by human porters. With the disappearance of other species of black Ebony this species is fast becoming the Ebony of choice.

Our bargain boxes contain the mill ends and cut offs from producing the other products that are on our website. The pieces in this box may contain defects.

Net weight is 14.75 lbs.
Box size is 6 x 6 x 20".

Item Number: SP3452

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