Mexican Bocote, Padouk, & Mesquite Knife Handle Blank Box

Prosopis nigra

Bocote is an oily wood with a yellowish to dark brown color accented with irregular black stripes and streaks. It has a spicy smell and is hard, heavy and strong. It is easy to work and takes a very nice polish. This beautiful wood is seldom seen in woodworker's shops.

Padouk is a brick-red colored West African hardwood was once one of the more common imported hardwoods but has become increasingly scarce in the last couple of years. It is easy to work, takes a nice polish and is dimensionally stable. Kiln-dried.

A very few pieces of Mesquite are figured with what we call frog's-hair curl, a small, tight curl with as many as 12-15 curls per inch. A very stable wood. Air-dried.

11 Bocote pieces.
5 Padouk pieces.
6 Mesquite pieces.

Item Number: SP3498

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mostly 1 x 1 1/2 x 5"