Bird's-eye Maple Bargain Box of Nice Pieces

Acer saccharum

The heartwood is white or cream to light brown or reddish brown. Figured somewhat like that of burl with many small eyes separate from each other. Hard and heavy, 45 lbs/cu ft. Easy to work and takes a smooth polish. U.S.A.

This box contains pieces that were milled for our website. There wasn't quantity enough to photograph alone, so they were grouped and put into this box. These pieces should all be of good quality and are not the cut offs and mill ends normally sold in our bargain boxes.

Net weight is 8.5 lbs.
Box size is 6 x 6 x 20".
37 pieces.

Item Number: SP3570

ea. pc. 7/8 x 7/8 x 4-17 3/4"