African Blackwood

Dalbergia melanoxylon

The heartwood is purplish to brownish-black with dark gray streaks giving an overall impression of being black. Lustrous with an attractive inner chatoyance. Very hard, heavy, close-grained, and virtually free from pores. Its stability and lovely tonal qualities make it an excellent instrument wood.

Due to CITES regulations, we can only ship this species to customers in the United States.

These pieces have some defects common to the species such as cracks and checks in the sapwood, but do still have a lot of usable material.

Item Number: W40241

A up to 4 x up to 3 1/4 x 20 5/8"
B up to 4 1/8 x up to 4 1/4 x 22 1/4"
Sold 78415cc43c7a69982a1814f365e95d5a45f14ac67e0a9295ae06c33f7249e6bb
C up to 3 3/4 x up to 5 1/8 x 22"