Hawaiian Koa

Acacia Koa

This species is found almost exclusively in the Hawaiian Islands. It ranges in color from a pale brown to a reddish brown to a very dark, almost chocolate brown. It has a texture similar to Walnut but is easier to work. Can be highly chatoyant or lustrous. Highly sought after for use in musical instruments, especially guitars and ukuleles. Koa is becoming rare.

Item Number: W42003

Sold 78415cc43c7a69982a1814f365e95d5a45f14ac67e0a9295ae06c33f7249e6bb
A 15/16 x 5 x 39 7/8"
B 2 1/16 x 3 13/16 x 38 1/16"
C 2 1/16 x 3 7/8 x 39 1/2"