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Can I order custom items?

We're happy to fill custom orders when possible. Please call regarding availability and pricing.

Do you have stock that is not on your website?

Yes, what you see on the website is only a small fraction of our inventory. If you see something on our website that is already sold or is not exactly what you're looking for, please give us a call. Also, take a look at our stock list. (link)

Do you have a minimum purchase price for all orders?

Not anymore! We're happy to say we've removed the minimum order amount from our website.

Are there special concerns for international orders?

Each country has its own regulations regarding the importation of wood. Shipping to some countries may require additional documents which will add cost to the order. Some countries prohibit the importation of certain species. Please check with your country's department of Agriculture or Customs regarding the regulations for your area. Orders will be shipped at your risk.

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Shipping & Handling

How much is it going to cost to ship my order?

We typically ship orders via UPS ground or USPS. Because shipping charges are based on weight, the total cost can't be calculated until after your order is packaged. We look for the most inexpensive method of shipping each order based on where your order is going.

Are there any handling charges?

We realize that shipping prices can be a limiting factor in purchasing wood online. As such, we have removed all handling charges from any orders placed on our website to addresses within the United States, barring large freight orders. You will now only pay exactly what it costs to ship your package. Foreign customers may pay a handling charge depending on documentation or packaging requirements.

How will my order be shipped?

Most orders within the continental U.S. are shipped UPS ground. If requested, we can send your package via FedEx or DHL. Orders that fit within the U.S. Postal Service flat rate boxes will be shipped via that method if it is the least expensive means of shipping. Orders to Alaska and Hawaii are shipped via U.S. Postal Service unless otherwise requested.

Large, heavy or oversized orders are shipped via common carrier truck.

Most international orders are shipped via U.S. Postal Service. Larger or bulky orders can ship via steamship and if needed we can provide a phytosanitary certificate and/or a fumigation certificate. Charges for these services vary-please contact our office.

How much does it cost to crate my order?

If your order needs a crate to ensure it gets to you in one piece, we have the facilities to make one for you. However, the cost of crating depends on your order so we ask that you call for a crating quote.

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About the business

What hours are you open?

We are open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. If you have a question about our hours on a specific day, please feel free to call our toll free number, 1-888-667-3979.

Is there a retail space at your warehouse?

Yes, we do retail, wholesale and web sales from our warehouses located in Portland, Oregon.

Do you do custom mill work?

Yes, but there are additional fees associated with doing custom milling. A down payment is required for custom milling. Please call for additional details and qusetions.

Will you do custom mill work or kiln drying for wood not purchased at Gilmer Wood Company?


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About the website

What do the letter prefixes on the item numbers mean?

The prefixes are codes we use to designate item purpose or for sales divisions.

W - This is our most common designation and indicates items for general usage. The item in the photograph is the item you will receive.

IW - Wood in this category has been selected and cut to meet the needs of customers producing musical instruments. The item in the photograph is the item you will receive.

SP - These are items that have been discounted. Usually, these items are discounted due to flaws and defects that remain in the items. In the case of our bargain boxes, they usually contain mill ends and cut offs unless the description states otherwise. Read the item descriptions for additional information on these products. The item in the photograph is the item you will receive.

OS - Items in this designation are open stock, meaning there are many individual pieces that match the item description. The item or items you receive may not be the item in the photograph.

U - Items with a Unit designation are sold in lots of 100 board feet or more. Pricing is adjusted for these larger quantities. Typically, products within these units have not been surfaced.

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About the wood

Will my wood be dry and ready to use when I receive it?

Wood, being a natural product, needs time to equilibrate to its surroundings before being used. We have a mix of kiln and air-dried products based on species and dimensions. Wood equilibrates to a moisture content of 10-12% in our warehouses here in Portland, Oregon. Some turning stock and other specialty items can be supplied green to partially air-dried. Generally, logs, cants, and material thicker than 4” are almost never kiln-dried. However, much of the thicker stock we inventory has been here long enough to reach equilibrium (approximately 10% mc). Please refer to the item descriptions for information on product condition or call us.

Can I use non-instrument wood for my instrument?

The choice is yours as to what you do with your purchases. However, the items that have been designated as IW (Instrument Wood) are selected to meet criteria specific to instrument building. Wood characteristics such as grain run-out, grain orientation, inherent defects and acoustic properties are all considered when selecting products with this designation.

Can I use instrument wood for non-instrument purposes?

The choice is yours as to what you do with your purchases. However, items that meet the special criteria for instrument wood tend to be somewhat more expensive than products without an IW designation.

What coatings are on the wood?

Most products on the website have been coated with a clear sealer to best show color and figure in the photographs and to provide a measure of protection to the wood as it moves from our warehouses in Portland, Oregon to our customer’s many other climate conditions. The sealer is a natural product which is easy to remove by scraping, planing, or sanding. Our recommendation is to leave it on until you are ready to start your project.

Why is there wax on the ends of my wood?

We end trim almost everything that leaves our warehouses. This removes any defects but also allows us to more easily see the grain orientation, i.e. quarter-sawn, flat-sawn, or rift-sawn. The wax then acts as a sealer to prevent air checks from developing.

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Can you take pictures of a specific piece of wood for me?

The pictures of all the items on our website are our best attempt to show the characteristics of each individual piece. Typically, additional photos don't add a great deal of information and cost a great deal to produce. As such, we do not take additional photos of website items.

Please call regarding pictures of items for custom orders.

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